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4 Reasons To Choose Storm Windows

Homeowners who are planning to upgrade their windows have a variety of options. Storm windows are often viewed as being the best option for individuals who live in hurricane and tornado-prone areas. During weather events involving high winds, debris becomes airborne and may strike windows.

Traditional windows are likely to break from the impact. Storm windows are made of special glass or plastic. This makes them durable enough to withstand high impact. The following points highlight a few reasons for individuals to choose these specialty windows even if they do not live in an area where weather events involving high winds are common.

Protection Against Burglars

The average homeowner may not expect their homes to be burglarized. However, burglaries can happen in almost any community. Traditional window glass can be easily broken. Storm windows are not because they are designed to be able to withstand high impact. This includes methods burglars use such as striking glass to break it. The glass in these windows can be viewed as theft deterrent glass.

Protection Against Outdoor Noise

Individuals who live in noisy neighborhoods may have sleep disturbances or find it frustrating to have to hear what's going on outside. Storm windows buffer outside noise. This noise reduction feature can make life at home more pleasant. Individuals who sleep well are more likely to have higher energy and feel less stressed. This means that storm windows could improve their lives. 

Protection Against UV Rays

The sun's rays are notorious for fading furniture, draperies, artwork, and flooring over time. There is also a concern about UV radiation entering homes, which can have harmful health effects. Some storm windows have Low-E coatings, which can reduce the number of UV rays that enter homes.

Protection Against Unexpected Weather Events

All over the world, unexpected weather events occur. These are events that were unlikely to occur in certain regions many years ago. Some attribute these odd weather events to global warming. Individuals who want protection in the event that a bizarre weather event happens in their area involving high winds should consider storm windows. They can offer protection against airborne materials such as shingles, signage, or lumber.

A window installation contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about storm windows. They can help homeowners compare windows and select the best option based on budget, preferences, and expectations. Individuals who desire to have their homes as storm-proof as possible may also want to discuss the addition of storm doors as part of their upgrade project.

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