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Hiring A Roofing Contractor When You Have A Roof Leak

The roof on your home might cause a leak, and it's important to have the source of a roof leak identified right away. Even when the leak is minimal, you might have water accumulating in your attic insulation that you are not aware of. When water seeps into your attic, you can end up with mold, mildew, and problems with the weight of the watered down insulation causing issues with your ceiling. If you find a leak in your home, a roofing contractor is going to inspect your roof carefully to determine where the water is coming from in order to repair the issue.

Finding the Source of the Leak

The first step is to identify where a leak is coming from. You might have an issue around the flashing of your chimney, or have water coming in because of damaged tile throughout your roof. A roofing contractor is going to locate the source of the leak, and let you know if a repair can be made. There's a chance that your roof is beyond repair, and you will want to have your roof replaced to protect your home from the elements.

When This Isn't Your First Leak

If you have had more than one leak coming from your roof that has already been repaired, the problem is likely with an aging roof that needs to be replaced. The lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof can be about 20 years, but this can decrease if you experience extreme weather or your roof is in harsh sunlight most of the day. If your roof continues to leak despite repairs, it's time to consider a new roof for your home.

It's Dangerous to Inspect Your Roof Alone

When you have a roof leak, you probably don't know what you are looking for. It is not a good idea to get on a ladder and start trying to inspect the roof by yourself. You can end up getting hurt, and still won't have a solution to where the water in your home is coming from. A home roofing contractor will inspect your roof, while you can wait for the results of the inspection without getting injured.

A roofing contractor will talk to you about your options when you have a roof leak. While a repair might be made the first time, excessive repairs because of leaks usually mean you need to have a roof replacement. 

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