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Discuss These Banquette Topics With Your Kitchen Contractor

A stylish seating banquette can be a good addition to your kitchen that your family will use every day. If you're hiring a kitchen contractor to remodel your existing kitchen, this is the best time to decide whether you want a banquette in this space. If so, you'll have lots of things to talk about with your contractor. While you'll need to come up with an idea for the shape and overall style of the banquette, there will be several additional things to think about. Here are some important topics to go over.

Back Height

The height of the back support of your new kitchen banquette is something that you'll need to think about. There are pros and cons of both tall and short back heights. If the back support is short, it may not provide a lot of back support for those who sit on the banquette. At the same time, it can help to avoid visual clutter in the kitchen. A taller banquette back will unquestionably offer better support, but it could lead to challenges such as preventing a parent from passing a plate of food over the banquette to their child who is seated. Consider what height suits you best before you proceed.


A kitchen banquette takes up a fair amount of space, so it's ideal for you to maximize this space to the best of your ability. One idea that your contractor may suggest is building some storage space into the banquette. There are several ways of doing so. For example, you might want pull-out drawers built into the banquette's base. You wouldn't likely use these drawers for everyday items, as they wouldn't be as accessible as the other drawers in your kitchen, but they'd be ideal for holding kitchenware and various goods that you use only on occasion — for example, you could store seasonal serving vessels in this space.

Seat Depth

It's also important to choose the right seat depth for your new kitchen banquette. Seats that are too shallow can be uncomfortable for adults, while seats that are too deep can be challenging for kids. Often, you'll have to come up with a size that is a compromise. For example, if you expect that your kids will primarily be the ones who sit on the banquette, you may choose to have a shallower seat depth to accommodate them. Conversely, if you're retired and rarely have kids in your home, a deeper chair may be best. 

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