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What Are Some Of The Reasons Why Retaining Seawalls Are Installed?

Retaining walls are commonly used in landscaping. There are also special types of retaining walls that are known as seawalls. Retaining seawalls have some similarities to the retaining walls that are used for landscaping purposes, but there are some differences. They are typically much stronger and are designed to be able to handle currents and waves. They're also made from materials that can be constantly exposed to water and salt without the concern of rusting or rotting. If you're curious about what retaining seawalls are used for, consider these common reasons why they are often installed.

They Protect Homes and Businesses

First of all, many people dream of living on the beach full-time. These people often build homes as close to the beach as possible so they can easily walk onto the sand and so they can enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds. There are many benefits of living on the beach like this, but obviously, there are concerns about storm surges and flooding. Retaining seawalls are often put in place to help protect these homes—and the people who live in them—from the waves. They are also used to protect vacation homes, vacation rentals, and hotels.

Additionally, businesses are often built near the beach to provide services for tourists who visit the beach and the people who live in the area. Naturally, retaining seawalls are used to help protect these businesses, too.

They Help With Conserving Wildlife

There are many marine biologists and others who are interested in conserving wildlife near the ocean. In some cases, there are concerns about storm surges, flooding, and tides causing problems for turtles that might have laid their eggs near the beach or other wildlife. In these scenarios, retaining seawalls are sometimes used to help conserve the habitats of some of these marine animals.

They Help Preserve Recreational Activities

If you are like many people who spend time at the beach, you might enjoy things like swimming, surfing, and more. In some cases, retaining seawalls are used to help control the current and waves in certain areas so that the water is usable—and as safe as possible—for those who want to enjoy these types of recreational activities.

These are just some reasons why retaining seawalls are commonly installed, although they are used for other reasons, too. If you own property along the beach, you might want to find out more about retaining seawalls, since you might end up wanting to install one or more of them.

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