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The Benefits Of Installing Quartz Countertops In Your Bathroom

Many people don't immediately think of using quartz countertops in their bathroom. This is because natural stone countertops are highly susceptible to moisture damage when the top layer of sealant begins to wear off over the years. Thankfully, there is an alternative that will still allow you to enjoy the beautiful appearance of a stone countertop without the disadvantages that come with natural stone counters. This alternative is to install a quartz countertop in your bathroom. Since these countertops are manufactured using a unique process they offer a non-porous surface while still offering all the same beauty as natural stone. This is just one of the many benefits that bathroom quartz countertops have to offer. Continue reading to further explore some of the other benefits you can expect to enjoy from a quartz counter installation

Wide Variety Of Colors And Styles

One major disadvantage to natural stone countertops is that they are only available in a very limited number of colors since these are the colors that Mother Nature has produced. When choosing to install quartz countertops in your bathroom you will have a virtually unlimited number of colors and designs to choose from. This is because, during the process of manufacturing quartz countertops, manufacturers are able to add any color pigment they wish. This allows them to offer you a much wider selection to choose from so that you can get a countertop that perfectly matches your bathroom and your personal style preferences. 

Easy To Clean And Sanitize

Of all the rooms in your home, your bathroom is one of the most important areas to keep clean. After all, your bathroom can be host to a wide variety of bacteria that have the potential to make you and your family sick if not properly cleaned away. Thankfully, installing quartz countertops in your bathroom can be a great first step toward ensuring a clean and sanitary environment. This is because the nonporous nature of quartz makes it impossible for bacteria and germs to hide inside this material. This material is also very easy to clean. This feature makes quartz the perfect option for homeowners who do not want to spend hours every week cleaning their bathroom. 

Flexibility In Small Spaces 

It can be difficult to install natural stone countertops in a bathroom simply because of the small spaces and tight corners. This is because natural stone materials are not very flexible at all. This is not the case with quartz. The resin that is used to bond the pieces of quartz during the manufacturing process offers incredible flexibility while still remaining durable. This makes quartz a perfect countertop material regardless of how big or small your space may be.