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3 Circumstances When You Need Roof Inspections Services

A roof inspection involves a thorough check of all components of the roofing system to ensure that the roof is structurally sound and leak-proof. The components include the roof, underlayment, gutter system, downspouts, skylights, and fascia boards. All the units need to be in good working condition to efficiently protect your property from rains, winds, sunlight, and external elements. During roof inspections, the roofer can identify the units that are extremely worn out or damaged and the required repairs to restore the roof's functionality. Here are three circumstances when you should call a roofer for roof inspections. 

1. Before Buying a Property (Home/Commercial Building)

The last thing you want after buying a property is to find out that you need a new roof or major repairs. You can avoid such surprises by hiring a professional to inspect the roof before closing the sale contract. Even if there are no leaks or visible signs of damage, it's important to get the roof inspected by a professional. This would help you identify underlying weaknesses that could cause major problems in the near future. You can capitalize on the information to negotiate a better closing price and to ensure any damages are fixed before you move in.

2. After Extreme Weather Conditions

Weather conditions like hail, storms, and hurricanes, can wreak havoc on your roof system. Strong winds can loosen roof shingles; if the shingles were already loose before the storm, they can be ripped by the strong winds. Also, falling objects like tree branches or debris can damage your roofing system. After extreme weather conditions, it's important to hire a professional to inspect all the units of the roofing system to confirm that they are securely attached, and free of damage.

3. Visible Signs of Damage

Every day your roof is exposed to elements like sunlight, debris, rain, and ice. Although most roofing systems are designed to withstand these elements, sometimes they can be damaged or wear out, especially if they are not well-maintained. If you notice issues like leakages, missing shingles, ceiling cracks, a sagging roofline or gutter system, it's important to schedule a roof inspection. This would help analyze the extent of damage and the needed repairs. You should contact a professional roofer immediately after identifying the problems; if you wait for too long, the damage can become worse leading to costly repairs.

Every property owner should regularly schedule roof inspections to ensure that their roofing system is secure enough and free of damage. Also, under the above circumstances, it's important to get your roofing system inspected by a professional. If you are uncertain about your roof's condition or safety, contact a professional roofing contractor today to schedule roof inspections services.

For more information on roof inspections, contact a professional near you.