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Need Erosion Protection? Why Choose Gabion Retaining Walls

If your property is at risk for flood damage, now's the time to invest in retaining walls. You might not know this, but properly placed retaining walls can stabilize the slopes in your yard and reduce the risk for erosion and slides. However, you do need to choose the right type of retaining walls for your property, which is where gabion retaining walls come into the picture. Gabion retaining walls are constructed using steel cages, which make them a great option for erosion control. Here are just four of the reasons you should choose gabion retaining walls for your yard. 

They Save Money

If you're looking for a way to protect your property and save money at the same time, you need a gabion retaining wall. One of the great things about gabion retaining walls is that they don't require a lot of equipment and supplies, which means you can save money on the project. They also don't take a lot of time to install, which means you'll also save money on that. 

They're Easy to Install

If you don't want to spend a lot of time on the construction of your retaining walls, gabion retaining walls are the perfect option. This type of retaining wall doesn't require any specialized construction equipment, and it can be installed with a small crew. In fact, if you enjoy do-it-yourself home improvement projects, gabion retaining walls are perfect. That's because this type of retaining wall only requires the steel cages and the material that goes inside. In fact, many people use small rocks and other types of aggregate material as filler. 

They're Low-Maintenance

If you're trying to create a low-maintenance yard, you want that to follow through to your retaining walls. Unfortunately, some retaining walls require quite a bit of maintenance, which can be time-consuming and costly. That's where caged-retaining walls come into the picture. One of the great things about gabion-type retaining walls is that they require very little maintenance. 

They Work Well Anywhere

If you need soil erosion protection throughout your yard, you need a retaining wall that will work well under all circumstances. This is especially important if mud and water are present on your property. One of the benefits of using gabion-style retaining walls is that they work well in all types of soil conditions. In fact, you can even use this type of retaining wall where water is present.