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Ideas For A Timeless Bathroom Remodel

Have you ever walked into a bathroom and thought, "wow, that's outdated?" Chances are, you don't want that to happen to your own, newly remodeled bathroom in the next few years. So, what are your options for a timeless remodel? Here are a few suggestions.

White Subway Tile

Subway tile has been popular for many years, so chances are good that it won't become outdated anytime soon. Traditional subway tile is white, but you can find some that's off-white or cream if that's your preferred look. Don't stray too far from these colors, though. Tile colors do come in trends, so if you go with yellow or blue subway tile, for instance, it probably won't be as timeless.

Storage Shelves

Cabinet styles change a lot over the years, but storage shelves are pretty timeless. They're so convenient that people will always understand why you chose them for your bathroom. Plus, you can change the things you put on your shelf to stay stylish over the years. One year, you can display those patterned towels that are all the rage, and then when they go out of fashion, you can display something different. The shelves, though, can stay.

Wood Elements

Many people steer away from using wood in the bathroom because they're afraid it will rot. But if you choose wisely, you can use wood in the bathroom. You either need to pick a wood that's not very affected by moisture, like cedar, or you need to have the wood finished with a waterproof oil finish. In either case, wood counters, cabinets, and even floors are timeless choices that will look lovely for years to come. Wood never goes out of style, and neither does using natural materials.

Recessed Lights

Light fixtures trend so quickly. The types that are fashionable right now are unlikely to be fashionable in a few years. However, you can keep your lighting stylish by choosing recessed lights. These are lights that are hidden up in the ceiling. Only the flat surface of the light can be seen from inside the bathroom. Since there's so little to these lights, it would be hard for them to go out of fashion.

With these ideas, you can create a bathroom that's beautiful and timeless. Talk to your bathroom remodeling team for more tips and ideas. They can help you with color selection and the other final details that come with this type of project.