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Recommendations For Septic Drain Field And Tank Repairs

Although your home's septic system, including the tank and drainfield lines, is an essential component of your home, it is not going to last forever or be immune from damage or disrepair. As you keep your septic system maintained with a regular pumping schedule and as you protect it through proper use, keep an eye out for issues that can creep up that indicate damage. Here are some recommendations about your septic drain field and how to handle damage and completing repairs.

Watch For Problem Signs

With the right care and protection, your septic drain field should last for decades without requiring repairs or a replacement. But the time will eventually come, whether it is from regular aging or from clogs and the resulting damage, when your drain field is going to need some work, and it will benefit you the most if you know what to watch out for when this occurs.

If you have delayed getting your tank pumped and, when you finally do so, your septic professional tells you the tank has become overly full of solid waste, there is a chance that it has begun to drain into your drain field lines. This can result in a clog in the drain field lines, and you will need to look at a repair to the drain site. A clog in the drain field lines can cause sewage to back up into your home.

In addition to sewage backing up into your home, watch for slow-flowing drains, sinks, and toilets. If you notice a sewage odor outside in your drain field site or you see standing water or highly saturated soil in the area, these are also indications that your drain field needs repairing. You may also have a cracked drain field line from soil compaction if you have driven any heavy vehicles over the drain field site. This may occur if you or someone else did not recognize the site as the drain field location and drove or parked a vehicle on it.

Arrange For Repairs

Once you discover a problem with your septic system, it is recommended that you call your septic professional to provide assistance. They are trained to inspect your system, including the tank and drain field lines, to find out what has led to the system's problems. They will pump the tank and inspect the interior of the tank for corrosion or cracks. If the tank was too full of solid waste, this can be an indication that the drain field got clogged as a result. 

Your septic professional will be able to replace the drain field lines, as well as the soil or gravel drainage around the drain field lines, to restore their function. And any damage to your tank can be addressed in its replacement with a new one.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers septic tank drainfield repairs.