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Worried About Keeping Your Propane Supply Topped Off During Harsh Winter Weather? Try These Convenience-Oriented Tips

With winter weather approaching, homeowners who heat with propane gas often worry about running out of gas, should the roads become too treacherous to receive a delivery from their propane company's fuel truck. When the amount of propane in the tank drops below a certain percentage, the appliances that use gas may no longer have sufficient propane in the pipes to allow normal operation. 

Without a timely delivery of propane, families may go without heat, as well as fuel to heat water, cook food, and in some instances, dry laundry or power refrigerators to preserve fresh food. If your family relies on timely deliveries of propane and you are worried about experiencing an empty tank during winter weather conditions, here are some tips to help you enjoy a more convenient, worry-free propane delivery experience. 

Start the heating season with a full tank

The first step in minimizing worries that your home might experience an empty fuel tank due to bad weather or poor road conditions is to start the heating season with a full tank of propane. By scheduling a pre-season fill, homeowners will have a cushion of fuel that will help them avoid dealing with an empty or nearly empty propane tank during the heating season. 

Ask about upgrading to a larger tank

If you currently find that your home requires frequent refills during the heating season, your propane tank is probably too small to supply the appliances and your family's level of usage. Upgrading to a larger tank can drastically reduce the number of propane deliveries you will need each year. Most propane companies are happy to help homeowners use their average propane usage to determine the most convenient tank size for their situation. 

Cure site issues that could impact deliveries

Homeowners who have site issues, such as dangerous driveway conditions, overhanging tree limbs, aggressive dogs, or other problems, may be creating their own delivery problems. If you suspect that a problem with your site has caused delivery problems in the past, taking time to discuss them with your propane company and then taking action to cure the problems could help to remove obstacles and ensure more reliable fuel deliveries to your home. 

Utilize available auto-refill services

Homeowners who have experienced refill issues in the past and have concerns about the potential for delivery issues in the coming winter can also ask their propane company to help them set up auto-refill services for their account. Taking this step will ensure that their tank is checked regularly and refilled before the level becomes too low.