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4 Reasons To Protect Your Roofing With Regular Maintenance

If you don't enjoy doing home repairs, or if money is tight, you may put off preventative maintenance and just deal with problems when they arise. That approach could cost you more money in the long run when it comes to roofing. A roof that is maintained properly will last longer and protect your home better. Here are four reasons to have your roof checked and repaired on a regular basis.

1. Routine Maintenance Protects The Roof Warranty

If you neglect your roof and small damages turn into big problems, your roof warranty may not cover the repair cost. By having minor damage repaired promptly, you'll prevent water damage and escalating roof damage. This saves you money on repairs, and it also preserves your warranty, so you can fall back on it in case of extensive roof damage during a storm.

2. Sealing Roof Holes Keeps Animals Out Of Your Attic

If a small hole develops on your roof due to animal gnawing or to rot, you may end up with attic damage to repair too. A hole is enticing for animals looking for shelter or food. Rats, mice, squirrels, bats, birds, and raccoons could invade your attic and tear it up. In the process, the animals may cause further destruction to the roof with their constant gnawing.

An animal infestation in your attic is a health hazard for your family, and it could be expensive to restore your attic and repair the roof once you've driven the animals off.

3. Repairing Shingles Prevents A Roof Leak

The time to stop a roof leak is when you spot missing, cracked, or loose shingles. If you wait until water is dripping from the ceiling, water damage is already done. It might be difficult to spot shingle damage if you don't know what to look for, so having your shingles checked by a roofer occasionally is a good practice so repairs can be done promptly when they're needed.

4. Replacing Rotted Wood Prevents A Roof Collapse

Ideally, roofing repairs should be done before the deck starts to rot away. If your shingles leak long enough, the deck starts to rot and the plywood gets weak and spongy. When the deck is in that condition, the roof might sag and eventually collapse.

Plus, a rotted deck is dangerous since someone walking over the area of water damage could fall through the roof. Rotted areas of a roof should be replaced right away so the rot doesn't spread and to stop the roof leak.

For more information about what kinds of regular roof maintenance you should be doing, talk to a roofing company in your area like Toth Roofing.