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Chimney Cleaning Tips for Residential Homes

Sitting by a nice fireplace during the winter is an incredible experience. If you want to keep enjoying these experiences without issues, then you need to clean your chimney. Do these things and you'll have an easy and effective cleaning process.

Clean More Frequently During the Colder Season

A good habit to get into with chimney cleaning for residential properties is cleaning as often as you can during the winter season. This is when the chimney connected to the fireplace is used the most and by staying on top of this cleaning task, your chimney won't be able to get as dirty. That will make future cleanings a lot easier to deal with because there won't be as much soot. If you tend to forget chores like chimney cleaning, set reminders to clean every couple of weeks. You then won't let your chimney go too long without a proper clean.

Remove Debris

Sometimes, leaves and debris can get into your chimney and that's not good in how it performs. It could even expose your property to smoke issues if you're not responsive in removing this debris as quickly as you can. To get far up inside the chimney, you'll want to purchase a special broom. You can then swipe across the top and remove debris that has collected inside your chimney throughout the year. Be careful when swiping to avoid debris falling and hitting your body. If you do this before using the chimney each time, excessive smoke won't start to build. 

Inspect Chimney During Cleaning

Just because you're going to clean your residential chimney, doesn't mean that's all you should do. It's also smart to inspect your chimney during this cleaning task. You'll then have a better understanding of what condition your chimney is in and what repairs are present. Pay attention to the overall condition of your chimney, including its structure, mortar, and even the cap at the top. Write any problems down that you notice so that you don't forget to take care of them in a reasonable amount of time. The more severe problems can be addressed by professionals.

Residential chimney cleaning will benefit you tremendously as a homeowner. It's not even something you have to struggle with. Just put together some regular routines, go the extra mile when inspecting relevant components, and ask for help if there is a task that you're not capable of doing yourself.