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It's Not Just Leaf Season! Fall Is The Season For A New Roof

Have you been worrying about your home's roof lately? Maybe you're missing a few shingles, so you figure a roof replacement is on the horizon. Or perhaps you are already seeing some leaks, which have alerted you to the need for roof replacement. It's so tempting to shrug your shoulders and think "I'll deal with that next year." But actually, the best time to replace your roof is right now — this fall — before winter rolls in. Here's why.

If you have serious trouble in the middle of the winter, replacing the roof will be harder.

You might hope and assume your roof will last through winter and into spring, but what if it doesn't? What if, in the middle of January, your roof starts leaking or loses a ton of shingles? Replacing the roof at that point will be a lot harder due to all the snow and the cold weather. Roofing companies can and do replace roofs in the winter, but it's harder, is likely to cost more, and can be tough to schedule around storms and snowfall. It's much easier to just have the roof replaced right now, in the fall, while the weather is still decent.

Roof companies tend to have more free time in the fall.

Winter is hard on roofs. In the winter, your roofing company will probably be busy dealing with leaks, ice buildup, and other problems. Scheduling something as big as a roof replacement can be tough. The roofing company may also have to charge you more. If you schedule the service now before things become more dire, your roofing company will probably be able to fit the service into your own schedule more easily.

You'll save on energy all winter long.

People are often most concerned about leaks with an aging roof. But aging roofs also have another issue: they're not energy efficient. If you stick it out with an old roof all winter, your energy bills will reflect that. On the other hand, if you replace your old roof right now, you'll enjoy lower energy bills all winter. That will give your budget a break and help you recoup some of the money you spent on the new roof.

Fall is not just the season for falling leaves. It is also the season for new roofs. Replace your roof now, rather than waiting, and you will reap the benefits in the new year and beyond. If you have more questions, talk to a company like Par One Construction, Inc.