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Elastomeric Painting: The Ideal Industrial Painting Solution For Modern Construction

If you are looking for an industrial painting solution, it is worth your time to consider elastomeric paint. This is a versatile paint solution that can be used on a variety of surfaces. Some industrial applications and processes involve circumstances that can make surfaces prone to cracking. Sometimes cracks as small as a hairline that can not easily be seen with the naked eye can cause problems post-operation or product completion. This is why waterproof paint and costing solutions are widely sought. Elastomeric can improve the quality of products produced, and it can also ensure that construction projects that require paint solutions with water-resistant properties are successful.


You likely want your painted projects and products to last as long as possible. Products created using elastomeric paint can offer outstanding guarantees to end consumers because manufacturers can boast about the excellent coating and its rust inhibitor qualities. The industrial coatings on these products can last for many years, potentially longer than other parts of the product. For example, the painted portion may stay intact and outlast mechanical components. The same is true when elastomeric paint is applied to building structures including those made from stucco, wood, and masonry.

Fewer Coatings Required

You likely want to save time when applying industrial paint. More coats of paint will likely mean more time spent allowing surfaces to dry before applying a new coating. Elastomeric paint is thick, and you can expect to only need a few coats to achieve supreme adherence. This is because of this paint's unique composition and density. It is thicker than other paint solutions. The distinctive characteristic between it and other paints is noticeable when it dries.


This quality is likely the one that stands out the most. Many paint solutions provide moisture-resistant and water-resistant properties. This means that they can provide protective barriers against moisture and water but could be compromised under some circumstances. Surfaces protected by elastomeric paint are considered waterproof. This means that there will not be any risk of water intrusion on intact painted surfaces. 


There are a number of things that can occur naturally such as ground shifting due to natural events such as seismic activity or earth settling. Elastomeric coatings provide a layer of defense because the material is flexible. This can aid in protecting the surfaces it is applied to against cracks. This paint is ideal for areas such as concrete foundations and parking lots that may be compromised by water exposure and natural ground activity.