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Well System Equipment Troubleshooting Guide To Determine The Repairs Pumps, Filtration And Pressure Switches Need

The well system that carries water to your home or business can be a complicated system with well pumps, filtration systems and pressure controls. These systems have a lot of components that can fail and cause water to not be drawn from the well or cause other problems. When there is a problem, you want to get it repaired quickly to get the water flowing from the well again. The following well equipment troubleshooting guide will help you get to the bottom of problems quickly.

Start With Checking The Pressure Switch Controls And Electrical Wiring Of Your Water Well Systems

The electrical wiring and switches are the first areas that you will want to check when you have a problem with your water well system. Some of the problems that you will want to look for with the well system's electrical wiring and switches include the following:

  • The power switch to the pressure controls being turned off
  • Problems with breakers being tripped and turning off well equipment
  • Shorts in pressure control switches that cause well systems to not work
  • Damaged wiring that causes the well systems to malfunction and breakers to trip

These are some of the electrical problems that you will want to troubleshoot. If the problems are with shorts and damaged wiring, you will want to contact a well equipment repair service for help with repairs and rewiring your water well systems.

Checking The Filtration Systems And Pressure Tank For Problems That Cause Water To Not Flow From The Well

The filtration systems of your water well could be an important part of the system that causes problems. Sometimes, these problems can cause poor water quality or restrict the flow of water being pulled from the well. Therefore, you want to make sure that the filtration or purification systems are well-maintained, and you'll want to call for help if they cause problems. In addition, the pressure tank is another component that can cause problems like noisy plumbing and pipes or well pumps that constantly run or do not turn on when they should.

Evaluating The Wiring And Pipes That Provide Service To And From The Well Systems

The water well systems you have installed for your water needs could have problems with the pipes and wiring that go to the wellhead and casing. Therefore, you will want to troubleshoot the well wiring installations, as well as pipes. Make sure that the pump and other equipment are getting electricity and that wires are not frayed. You will also want to test the pipes that pull water from the well for leaks. These are problems that you may want to have a water well systems repair service to check for you.

Checking The Problems With Your Well Pump That Can Cause Problems With Water Being Pulled From Your Well

The well pump can also have a problem that causes that water to not be drawn from the well as it should. If you have a jet pump that is above the ground, you can turn the pump off and troubleshoot the problems, looking for things like worn parts or buildup on moving parts. If your well has a submersible pump that is installed inside the casing, you will want to talk to a well equipment repair service about pulling the pump from the well and repairing the problems that are causing your pump to not work correctly.

These are some of the things that you will want to do to troubleshoot the problems with your well equipment. If you need help with repairs, contact a water well system repair service for help getting the water flowing from your well again.