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Property Investment Guide To Foundation Inspections And Repairs To Protect Your New Invest

When you have invested in a new property, you will want to make sure that your investment is safe. Therefore, there are inspections and repairs that will need to be done to protect buildings from maintenance problems and serious damage. The foundation is one of the areas where you are going to want to have inspections and repairs done. The following guide will help you with inspections and foundation repair when you have invested in new property:

Possible Problems That Can Affect Foundations Before You Invest In A New Property

Sometimes, the problems with the foundation of a property can be too costly for the property to be worth you are investing in. The damage can also be easy to repair and help you get a deal on a property that will be worth more once the repairs that are needed have been completed. Some of the damage that affects foundations include:

  • Cracks due to groundwater causing static pressure
  • Waterproofing damage that causes moisture problems in the foundation
  • Settling and footing problems that cause structural and aesthetic damage

The severity of the damage is at your discretion and you will want to decide if the property is worth investing in foundation repairs or not.

Dealing With The Foundation Problems That Can Cause Structural Damage To Your Property

Many of the foundation problems that can affect a property cause structural damage. This is often due to issues with settling and cracked foundation materials. When these problems occur at load-bearing points, it can cause serious structural damage that will need to be repaired. The good news is that when the structural damage is in an isolated area of the foundation, repair techniques like pier jacking can be affordable foundation repair solutions to solve the problem.

Inspecting The Foundation Drainage For Problems That Could Be Contributing To The Structural Damage

The drainage of your foundation is also important, and you will want to inspect foundation drainage systems when you invest in a new property. The first issue that you want to look for is outdated drain tile materials that are failing and need to be replaced. Replacing the drain tiles can be a costly investment, but sometimes the problems are only minor like clogged lines that need to be cleaned or minor improvements that you can invest in to improve the foundation drainage.

Problems with Foundation Waterproofing That Need To Be Addressed To Prevent Water Damage Problems From Getting Worse

The foundation waterproofing is another area of the foundation that can fail and will need to be repaired. You will want to decide if investing in new foundation waterproofing is worth the investment for a new property. This can be affordable with crawl space foundations, but it can be costlier with basement foundations. There are options for repairs that you may want to talk with a foundation repair contractor about if you do not want to invest in completely replacing the outdated and worn waterproofing.

These are some of the things that you want to know about the inspections and foundation repairs that are going to need to be done when you invest in a property. If you need help with inspecting the foundation of new property when you think there is a problem, contact a foundation repair service for help inspecting the property for problems and repairing the damage.