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Open Cell Spray Foam: Why Should You Use It In Your Garage?

Placing insulation in your garage is beneficial in many ways. There are many types of insulation to put in, but open cell spray foam may prove to be best. Here, you will learn why you should insulate your garage with a spray foam, and why open cell spray foam is best.

What is open cell spray foam?

Open cell spray foam is a foam where the cells are left open, allowing for the foam to spread easily and be pliable. Unlike closed cell spray foam, open cell spray foam spreads easily to fill in the tight and exposed areas where other spray foams will not go. Open cell spray foam is ideal for various applications because of how versatile and workable the particular insulation medium is.

Why insulate the garage?

Unless you spend ample amount of time in the garage, insulating the space might not seem necessary. However, insulating the ceilings, garage door, and other areas of your garage is beneficial because it helps keep energy costs low by reducing energy waste. If you spend ample amount of time in the garage, then adding insulation helps preserve the temperatures within the unit, provided you also have a heating and cooling system installed.

Open cell spray foam can be used within the walls and ceiling of any part of your garage to create an airtight application to help reduce energy loss in the garage. You can insulate all or parts of the garage with open cell spray foam, which should be applied by a specialist only.

Why use open cell spray foam in the garage?

Open cell spray foam is a great option for garage use for two reasons: it's not as expensive as closed cell spray foam, and it helps make the garage more soundproof. Whether you plan on using your garage as additional living space or you use the space to practice music, work on vehicles, or tackle various hobbies, having a soundproofed area to work in that won't disturb the goings-on in the rest of the house is beneficial.

Open cell foam insulation costs vary based on a few factors: where you live, how much of your garage space you plan on insulating, and the size of your garage. Your open cell spray foam specialist will give you a quote for services. Remove all needed items from your garage before insulation work begins to help make the installation process easier for your open cell foam insulation specialist.