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3 Ways To Keep Your Chimney In Good Repair

It is absolutely vital that you do everything that you can to keep your chimney in good repair since a damaged and poorly maintained chimney can actually do a lot of damage to both your health and your home. Here are three ways to keep your chimney in good repair.

1. Make Sure To Clean Out The Buildup

One of the most effective ways of keeping your chimney in good repair is to make sure to clean out the buildup. Over time, every chimney is going to experience a lot of soot and creosote buildup, which is a problem if it isn't cleaned out as those materials can become a major fire hazard and are often the source of many chimney fires. The two easiest ways to deal with this buildup is to hire a chimney sweeping service to remove it or to burn a chimney cleaning log at that has particles in its smoke that will bond to the soot and creosote in order to neutralize the risk.

2. Install A Chimney Cap

Additionally, the good way to keep your chimney in good repair is to install a chimney cap. This device is affixed to the top of your chimney to prevent rain and snow from actually being able to get down into the chimney.

This is extremely useful because if rain and snow get into your chimney, it can begin to corrode the lining of your chimney, at which point you run the risk of gases being able to leak through the lining and into the rest of your house. Also, if you purchase a chimney cap that has a mesh lining on it, you can protect your roof in the event that sparks and embers travel up from the chimney and out the top as the mesh will stop those things from exiting the chimney.

3. Contact A Chimney Repair Service To Inspect The Chimney

Finally, a good way to keep your chimney in good repair is to contact a chimney repair service like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service to inspect the chimney regularly. This is very important because the chimney inspection can end up catching potentially problematic issues before they can actually become a danger to the rest of your home. This inspection will do everything from checking the condition of the lining and other components of your chimney to determining if there is any danger of gases leaking out of the chimney and spreading throughout the rest of your home.

Properly maintaining your chimney can ensure that you get many years of use out of it without putting your home at risk. Keep your chimney in good repair by making sure to clean out the buildup, installing a chimney cap, and contacting a chimney repair service to inspect the chimney. To